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Safe on the roads

Borderless Tourist Vehicles

Borderless Tourist Vehicles

Driving in Kampala is not for the fainthearted. Sharing the road with cars, trucks and buses is an incessant stream of motorcycles known as bodabodas. Ferrying their passengers about the place, bodabodas weave in and out of traffic, almost a law unto themselves, sometimes driving on the wrong side of the road headed into oncoming traffic.

For first time visitors, the traffic in Kampala can appear to be an unpredictable mess of movement and sound. And sometimes it is. But seen with an understanding eye, there is actually a rhythm to driving here, requiring excellent hand-eye coordination, with a good measure of confidence and judgment to know when to proceed and when to yield.

Be confident in the knowledge that Borderless Travel drivers are experts in handling our vehicles and caring for clients on the road. Whether you’re on a city tour or travelling to the national parks, we show you around in the comfort of our 4WD wagons. Our vehicles handle well during game drives, off the beaten track, and of course in peak city traffic.

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